GR Specialties

GR Specialties.

Subsidiary of GR group, it has modern plant designed to manufacture chemical specialties, such as polyacrylamides (PAM) in cationic, anionic and non-ionic emulsions, popularly known as polymers, polyelectrolytes and flocculants. Chemically, these are compounds with high molecular weight due to the numerous bonds among monomers in sequence.

Formulas can be developed as required by the processes of our customers and based on the highest chemical standards.

Due to these characteristics, they are used for:

  • Flocculation agent in colloidal systems;
  • Removal of suspended solids / turbidity;
  • Solid-liquid separation;
  • Drain of sludges from sewage treatment stations and sludges from industrial wastewater treatment (ETE);
  • Draining and retention auxiliary in paper manufacturing process;
  • Coagulation auxiliary for municipal water potability;
  • Drain of sludges from water treatment stations (ETA);
  • Mining / waste treatment processes;
  • Admixture of drilling fluids / Oil & Gas;
  • Rheological modifier;